Monday, June 8, 2009

Peek a Boo...

Its been very long since i have posted something on this... I am being very lazy these days being in my always attained heights of procrastination... I was supposed to write more about my Vermont trip.. The trip was 5 months back.. oh man!! Time sure flies..

I was being partial to my recipe blog, my latest "don't know how long will it lasts" passion.. I was so engrossed in that.. Its almost a year since we have landed in this US of A..and during this brief stint, i peeked my head into unknown number of pastimes and activities from painting to blogging to cooking to aerobics to blah blah blah..... but very few lasted long... Kishore has named this obsessive compulsive disorder of mine as "Aarambhashooratham"..

Today i was browsing through my blogger dashboard and i was taken aback by this number "35", which is the number of posts in my blog.. I couldn't remember the days i used to blog seemed like long back..

As I gaze through the window, i can see the leaves swaying to the tunes of the wind.. That reminds of a tamil film song "Nee katru njan maram..Enna sonnalum thalayattume" (I nod for whatever u says as i am the tree and you are the wind)..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Snowy vermont...

On one of the snowy weekends of January 2009, we set out on a trip to Vermont.

The sight of dazzling snow by the sides of highways were spectacular. Our first stop was Basketville, a store in Putney famous for hand made baskets and wooven products. They have some eclectic collection of baskets at moderate prices.

We had booked a room at a nice B&B. It was a 19th century building converted to an inn. The citing of recent sightings of paranormal activities in the inn's website made the stay all the more exciting. During our stay, we did find something strange. All the other rooms on our floor was un-occupied... But through out the night we could hear two people murmuring...

The next day we went to a small country store near by. You could find a lot of yesteryear brands and curios here. The toys we used to play, old style candies, old brands of soaps...a tons of stuffs like that.. It was a refreshing memory trip down our childhood days..

The scenery was nice as we drove our way through the sides of the connecticut river. With the white frozen waters, hardly could we define the border of the river from the snow covered bank.

Next in our itinerary was a tour of the Harpoon brewery. Having reached there early we got enough time to browse through the store. The next one hour was a journey into the brewing of one of the worlds oldest beverages, from the picking of the malted barley and hops to the yeast which went till the fermention and storage of beer in large casks and afterwards followed by another hour of beer tasting ceremony...

With the early setting winter sun, we decided to get back to our room. On the way, the beauty of another exquisite small town forced us to stop for a little walk through its streets overlooking the white frosty mountain...

I will continue with the day 2 details and pics in another post.

Monday, March 23, 2009


He is holding her hands and comforting her. She can feel her heart bursting with joy as if that is the most awaited moment in her life. Is it a dream? No.. Hes standing right infront of her. She can see his smile. She close her eyes and shake her head so as to get out of the dream. Still he's smiling at her.

She was lost in thoughts all through the day. She had something to prove. Her mind was unsettled. She was contemplating her dream. She didnt know him or atleast she knew him, thats some thing positive. But she never talked to him. She was least interested in him. That would be more correct. He was one of those shabby boys in the class. She herself was not one of the popular gals in the class. But atleast shes not in the despicable group.

Then why did she had that dream. This was something that never crossed her mind. She remember her grandmother once saying we dream about what we wish in life. She wasnt very much convinced with that theory then. People have good and bad dreams. Bad dreams can never be something that they wish to happen in their life. So she was correct and now she has something to prove it. She attributed her dream to the busy schedule she was having for the past one week. Too much work can play tricks with your mind.
(to be contd..)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire..

This wouldnt be a new name to many of you out there at this point of time. To others, its the title of a movie by Danny Boyle about the slums of Mumbai, which managed to get 10 oscar nominations.

We watched the movie a month back and i shud say its really amazing.

It says the heart felt story of a slum dwelling chaiwala boy Jamal, who hits the jackpot by winning the indian version of "Who wants to be a millionaire". The movie starts with the police interrogating him to find any kind of cheating involved. The subsequent scenes in the movie depict how each day in the slumdog's life becomes the clue for each answer.

Special mention goes for A R Rahmans music, which is so emotionally intertwined with each and every scene, that it kind of gives a whole new life to the movie. You can rightly say that the music keeps the movie going.

The movie has successfully portrayed the serious issues facing our country like poverty, religious riots, child and women abuse, in a subtle manner and simultaneously bringing in a warmth of love and romance through out.

Overall i shud say its an excellent, must watch movie.

Today i happened to read an article about how the millionaires and film actors of India consider the film as being offensive for showing the dark secrets of the country.

Is there a problem in showing the truth to the world? I personally dont think any of the stuff shown in the movie is made out of thin air and I feel more of such movies shud be made to bring to light the real face of our country. Moreover, dont you think we had enough of rich millionaire extravaganzas with hours of song dance sequences shot in some foreign countries..

I am uploading some of my favorite songs from the movie..

For those soft, soothing music lovers, this one is for you..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

After a break..

Lately i have been scarce on writing something in my blog. I was too busy catching up with some thoughts, serials and sleep. And in between these days i became more wise, atleast in age.

Yeah!! It was my birthday last sunday.. it was a snowy one. Maybe a result of my obsession for snow!!

Kishore was keen on decorating the house. After a series of my pouting inside shaw's, i finally gave in. But balloon fights were fun.

We had invited some friends over. The midnight cake cutting became rambunctious when every one started creaming every other persons face. Even the carpets and walls were creamed!

In the snap that followed, you cant guess whose bday was it.. But all the bumps were aimed at one person..poor Mr. K!

After that, some of us managed to make a snowman in the freezing midnight hours.
Aint our snowman cute..

Our apt is on a hill which makes driving all the more messy during snow. But it also saves the trouble of going to a skiing area. We had a midnight snow mobiling as well..

Have a nice weekend..

Friday, January 2, 2009

NY christmas part 2

Happy New Year!!!

Let me continue with the day 2 of our NY trip. It started with a 2 mile on foot trip to eat the South Indian delicacy "Masala dosa". If it wasnt for that, i dont think we would have walked that much.

On the way we stopped at the Bryant Park. The shops inside the parks were still closed, probably after a busy saturday. The ice rink inside the park was bustling with people. Parents proudly capturing the shots of their children whirling over the ice was a lovely sight.

After brunch, we chose the subway as nobody was ready for another walk,. We had to change at the Grand Central Terminal. I felt it has a tad resemblance to London Victoria station.

There was a light show happening at the main hall of the station which was spectacular.
Our next stop was the Trinity Church.. We were drifted off to another world by the tranquility inside the church.

The glass work inside the church were magnificent.

Then a walk to NYSE building where the sparkling blue, red and white lights have relegated the fabric made country's flag.

It was pretty rough taming the Wallstreet bull to take a snap with us...

Time and cold didn't permit us to take a cruise to the liberty island. We had to be content with a long shot of the statue of liberty from the battery park. Or maybe the set of slabs playing musical notes, in the park, piqued our interest more.

Our last destination was Macys, the worlds largest store. We did window shopping for quite some time, till we started our trip back home.